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Californians are blessed with unwavering 80-degree weather and sunshine even on a cloudy day. If you’re native to Los Angeles, you know the best spots to explore what visitors know as the “The Hills” or the Santa Monica Mountains. You’re either a beach dweller or a mountain person, and maybe a combination of both but your heart lies with one of the other. Whether or not you venture from the sand to the hills or vice versa both have a lot to offer exercise fanatics in Los Angeles.  Join the party while you’re here and get your sweat on! We’ve got all the best spots to visit while you’re here to truly experience everything Los Angeles has to offer.

Runyon-CanyonOne of the most popular spots to hike in LA is  Runyon Canyon with frequent celebrity visitors too! Often non locals are too hesitant to venture into the Santa Monica Mountains for fear of being too far from the countless strip malls and bustling streets of Hollywood, but ATLS Los Angeles limo service will bring you to your destination with a refreshment before your day begins. If you’re not looking to go on a hike the view is quite amazing, and worth a look see. Hiking not your forte? Join free yoga classes that take place three to five times a week with five talented instructors who will guide you from a downward dog to tree pose while you soak up California sun and those unforgettable views.


If you prefer bikini-clad celebrities then Zuma Beach in Malibu is your next stop. Let ATLS Los Angeles limo service take you right to the beach! Zuma Beach is about as LA as it gets and with celebrity homes dotting the shoreline your bound to snap some Instagram worthy shots! All the movies and television shows displaying the mountains and the beach in one sweeping shot can be found at Zuma Beach. Take a run along the shoreline or on the bike trail that overlooks the sparkling white sand beaches we all know and love. Visit the Malibu Family Wines vineyard for a mid day treat and keep with the fit and fabulous mindset while savoring the veggie burger with bottles of delicious wine for a true Malibu experience.

smstairsMaybe an off the beaten track idea, but your ATLS Los Angeles limo driver will take you to any site in LA you want! Stair climbs are actually quite popular in LA, as locals use the city itself to sculpt and tone their muscles. Take a trip to the Santa Monica Stairs for a cardio workout that is completely free of charge! Blessed with good weather all year round, those of us who suffer from cold weather flock to the West Coast to get a little taste of paradise.

paddleboardingPaddle boarding and surf lessons are a big tourist attraction, but if you find a local willing to give you some lessons, you’re in luck! The Pacific Ocean often has cooler temperatures, but its refreshing and what a better way to get a workout in than on the Los Angeles coastline. Surfing is a feat in itself, and we recommend getting a professional to teach you the basics. Take the plunge this summer and try it out. Let ATLS Los Angeles Limo service drive you to the beach, and pick you up for a beautiful dinner at one of the many famed restaurants in the Los Angeles area afterwards.

Ever Wonder Where ATLS LA Limo Can Take You?

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with so much to offer its residents and fellow visitors, but finding the true gems of this city requires a bit of digging around. You will have to venture outside of your comfort zone, or maybe into it if you’re the adventurous type! ATLS Worldwide LA limo is here to guide you to the best spots in the city while you ride in style.

Huntington_Library_Gardens_Wisteria_arbor,_2009 If you’re into history the Huntington Library is full of famed artists and priceless works of literature that will tickle any bookworm’s fantasies. The strange part is that nobody ventures inside the actual building because the landscaping and botanical gardens are so beautiful. You’ll find every type of ecosystem residing on 120 acres of lush Los Angeles soil. In true English fashion, call ahead and reserve your spot to have high tea at the stroke of 4 o’clock. The Huntington Library is located right outside of Pasadena, home to Pie’n Burger, Father’s Office, 25 Degrees and The Counter all of which proclaim to have the best burger in Los Angeles—but we’ll let you bet he judge of that.

gettyA personal favorite destination of our drivers is the J Paul Getty Museum, which sits perched up on a hill in Brentwood, requires a tram to reach it. Patrons of the Getty Museum spend thousands of dollars on beautiful works of art for the public to enjoy. It seeks to inspire curiosity about the visual arts, while most museums in Los Angeles require a hefty price tag to step foot inside, the Getty shares beautiful art and architecture with the public free of charge. Most visitors who come to Los Angeles rave about the Getty as one of the most serene and well-designed museums in the Los Angeles area. Why drive up yourself when you can ride in style with ATLS LA limo service? Enjoy the scenic drive up and forget about parking when you’re there. Enjoy the beautiful view atop the hill and take in all that Los Angeles has to offer.

sushiFood, food and food! Los Angeles may not have the most high profile chefs in the world, but the food is delicious and if there’s one reason you’ll revisit Los Angeles its because of the Sushi in the Valley. Even Japanese-Americans rave about numerous establishments peppered throughout Ventura Boulevard in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. You may spend a pretty penny to eat well, but at least you’ll know it was worth it. Visit Katsu-ya for its seared albacore tuna or Asanebo a personal favorite of our staff. The Valley is what local Californian consider the suburbs with a hint of unexpected cool.

Wherever your travels may take you in Los Angeles, count on ATLS LA Limo to get you where you need to go. Our drivers are prompt, knowledgeable of the roadways and take your time seriously. We’ll show you how LA limo transportation should be!



Spend Time in Los Angeles This Summer With ATLS Worldwide!

What happens when you arrive in Los Angeles with not a clue where to go from LAX airport? Call ATLS Worldwide for Los Angeles airport limo transportation! We’re provide an unmatched service in the industry, making connections with each and every client to ensure a comfortable ride the entire time. Our main objective is to keep our clients happy no matter, and provide a Los Angeles airport limo transportation service unlike any other. Our drivers are experienced with the congested roadways and multiple freeway exits, so you will never have to worry about offering directions on your trip. We understand how tiring travel can be, especially coming from across the country. Let us take care of you and your Los Angeles airport limo transportation services with pre-pay options available online.

We are your source for some of the most coveted and exciting events in Los Angeles. Anyone who has been to LA before knows you cannot see everything in one trip! ATLS Worldwide is here to provide Los Angeles airport limo transportation whenever you’re in town! Now for the fun stuff! What food is best served with everything imaginable? Bacon! Well, almost every food imaginable, but this month Los Angeles Bacon Bite Fest is going on until August 2nd. Sink your teeth into a delicious array of bacon inspired dishes. The festival is set to hit The Queen Mary in Long Beach on August 2nd! Get your tickets here!

Lady Gaga is set to make an appearance to remember at the Staples Center for “the ARTPOP ball” where her biggest hits are guaranteed to echo off the walls as we wonder what she is going to do next. The question remains if she’ll be performing with any guest stars, maybe Tony Bennett? If you haven’t heard her most recent album, get onto Itunes or Spotify and listen up!

Maybe you come to Los Angeles for the music, the entertainment or the art, but if you’ve never visited the Pacific Ocean in the summertime you just haven’t lived yet. Indulge yourself while visiting Los Angeles and get over to the US Open of Surfing, which takes place the last weekend in June! It’ one of the largest competitions on the West Coast and promises over 200,000 people in attendance. Watch boys and girls from all over shred the waves and wow the crowd.

When you arrive in ATLS Los Angeles airport transportation will take you where you need to go, no matter what. We’ll pick you up at LAX and take the confusion and annoyance out of finding your way to the city, beach or your hotel. Pre-pay online if you have a large group traveling with you and choose which type of car you want to travel in. We make sure each and every client is happy and comfortable from the moment you step into our vehicle until we’ve waved you goodbye.

Choose ATLS Worldwide as your Los Angeles airport limo transportation everytime!

Where Will You Spend Your Fourth of July?

The 2014 World Cup has turned out to be a major sporting event across the world. Sponsored by all major TV networks giving millions of people a taste of the craziness. The games are spread out among 12 cities in Brazil  this year. Record numbers of viewership, even in the United States has put FIFA on the map as well as Brazil.  As you cheer on your country to win the championship, visit authentic establishments in the Los Angeles area to get a taste of around the world, as you watch the matches play out. We anxiously await the results to see who will make it to the final game on July 13th.


If you’ve been watching the World Cup games at home on your couch, it’s time to expand your horizons and let ATLS Los Angeles limousine take you wherever you need to go for upcoming games. Check out the many viewing parties taking place across the greater Los Angeles area and get involved with the biggest sporting event in the world. We’ve got the scoop on where to watch no matter what country you’re representing.

Of course, home to the 20th World Cup festivities taking place in 12 cities across the country. If you’re feeling pizza visit Bella Vista Gourmet Pizza for all you can eat $12.99 pizza. Even if Belgium defeats USA tomorrow, betting on Brazil to win the championship might not be a bad idea! Venice has a lovely spot, Café Brasil, sure to be a popular go to spot that serves all-day breakfast, fresh juice, traditional beef and pork stew if you’re feeling exotic for the day. Gaucho’s Village is another spot to check out as it just had its Grand Opening this month!

Watch Colombia and Brazil go head to head at La Fonda Antioquena, and enjoy some of the most authentic Colombian cuisine might sway your opinion mid game to switch teams! View the upcoming Costa Rica Netherlands match up at Mud Hen Tavern whose diligence in screening the games has put this little restaurant on the map. Located in Hollywood, it’s a short distance from LAX. If you’re traveling in trust ATLS Worldwide Los Angeles limousine to take you wherever you need to go for the upcoming World Cup weekend in Los Angeles.

ATLSlogoWe’re expecting an epic win from Germany today, favored to win over Alegria. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and contact ATLS Los Angeles limousine for all the information you need on quick, easy and comfortable limousine transportation! We have easy pre-pay options online and we know all the best places to watch Germany beat Algeria! Wirsthaus is famous for its authentic cuisine with an extensive selection of German beer, wine and spirits. They will be airing all U.S. and Germany matches on six flat screens inside and outside on the patio area. Visit a fully decorated “soccer room” dedicated to food, drink and World Cup festivities. 

Get the most out of your weekend for Fourth of July and watch all your teams with the right food, drink and transportation. Contact ATLS Worldwide for a luxury Los Angeles limousine service to and from wherever you need to go. We cater to our clientele, making sure you have whatever you need, when you need it most.

The Best Trips Are The Most Unexpected

Traveling to Los Angeles should be the best trip of your life. There is more to experience, than in most cities across the United States. The good weather helps, as you’ll never face a surprisingly cold day in the summertime. Los Angeles limo service is here to take you wherever you need to go in the greater Los Angeles area this summer! Our drivers know the roadways like the back of their hand, and we guarantee a prompt arrival. Check out what’s going on this week in Los Angeles and enjoy luxury limo service rides with online pre-pay options available. Choose from a variety of vehicles as we have a brand new set of town cars, limousines and SUV’s for large groups of people. Travel with ATLS Worldwide your Los Angeles limo service and stop taking cabs and overpaying for rides.

Our number one priority is you! We get you where you need to go on time and in style. Enjoy refreshments during your ride and luxurious vehicles, every time. Check out the California Heritage Museum of Awkward Family Portraits this weekend with a low admission price and an afternoon full of laughs with your friends or family. Located in Santa Monica we’ll drop you off, and pick you up at the same location.

For those fashion forward LA visitors, check out Levi’s Made & Crafted Vintage Clothing Sale! Get your hands on retro style jeans in multiple colors! This is an exciting event as you can shop premium denim for low prices. We’re talking $40-$80 denim bottoms and tops, regularly priced from $100-$300. Choose from a variety of vintage styles pulled straight from the Levi’s warehouse! For all you fashion fanatics out there, you don’t want to miss! ATLS Los Angeles limo service will provide pick up wherever you are and drop off at the Cooper building’s Namaste showroom. Travel in style with Los Angeles’ preferred limo service.

For all you foodies out there, this is an event you won’t want to miss! Outstanding in the field is the ultimate in fresh, natural ingredients enjoyed outside in rural Southern California. Experience al fresco meals and once-in-a-lifetime dishes! On June 26 Paul Arias of The Fishery in Pacific Beach will create a beautiful meal made with fresh seafood and produce. The following evening, Billy Deaver of The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs will cook a delicious meal fit for a king and queen! Although it’s a pricier event, the food is fabulous as is the company and scenery. ATLS Los Angeles limo service will get you from point A to B in style. Don’t worry about parking as we have you covered. 

Luxury Airport Limousine Transportation ATLS Worldwide

Summertime is often the worst time to fly, but for frequent travelers who face long tax lines, waiting at baggage claim and stuffy airplane rides often within the same 48 hours it can be a hassle to get from point A to B. We all know the feeling of being “stuck” in an airport; waiting on a connecting flight, mechanical issues or untimely weather can all be a bummer, to say the least. ATLS Worldwide airport limo transportation service will rescue you from what can be considered a hellish experience at LAX airport into the fresh breezy summer air of Los Angeles. Our drivers are prompt, courteous and offer a luxury limousine service unlike any other.

Our goal is to cater to your needs. Whatever they may be, we can meet them. We offer online pre pay options for frequent travelers and discounts if you require LAX airport limousine transportation more often than not. We are unlike any other company in California, as we understand your need for a relaxing ride after leaving a crowded and likely uncomfortable airport terminal.


Our drivers will always greet you with a smile and an iPad with your last name so you can easily spot him or her in a crowd. We are always on time, and provide a professional airport limousine transportation service. We will take you wherever you need to go in the greater Los Angeles area. If you’re traveling to an important meeting don’t show up in a taxicab choose a service that exudes professionalism. We will provide you with refreshment, allow you to sit back and relax as we use live GPS tracking to locate highly congested areas of traffic on Los Angeles roadways.

Get the most out of your travel while in Los Angeles and choose a premier airport limousine transportation service, like ATLS Worldwide. Our drivers are professional and our service is prompt, every single time. Get in touch with us online, or by phone and reserve your travel dates now. 

Spend Father’s Day Exploring Los Angeles with ATLS Worldwide

Summertime in Los Angeles is the best! There are tons of events, concerts and shows to attend along with impeccable talent you won’t want to miss. Something you will want to avoid is traffic, parking fairs and delays. ATLS Worldwide provides prompt Los Angeles limousine services to and from LAX and the greater Los Angles areas. We have all the best inside information on concerts you won’t want to miss this weekend!

la at night



Check out a Chicago based band, Pelican whose music defies the rules of rock and metal music with impressive chords and intricate melodies. They’re always morphing and developing a sound fans wait for, anxiously guessing what’s up next. Live performances by Pelican have been described as mesmerizing, impressive and trance-like. Check out their latest album and buy your tickets for the Friday night show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Count on ATLS Worldwide to offer premier Los Angeles limousine services for your travels!

Los Angeles is filled with some of the best nightclubs in the country, and if you’re visiting you will want to check it out! Enjoy the Mayan Nightclub located downtown LA and enjoy a visually impressive mega-club housing major acts on any given night. There’s something to do every single day and night in Los Angeles and ATLS Worldwide is here to give you the inside information you need to experience Los Angeles. This weekend is Father’s Day! If you’re in the area take your dad out to the Alondra Golf Course for a day. Make a reservation ahead of time and online for easy pre-pay options when you need a luxury Los Angeles limo service, ATLS is here for you.alondra

 There’s no way to list every single best part of Los Angeles as you’ll want to experience as much as possible if you’re on vacation or just visiting for a short time. ATLS Los Angeles limo provides prompt arrival and pick up times, refreshments to keep you cool during the summer and we start working relationships with our clientele. You’re not just another number to us! We take care of our customers and provide a service that’s unmatched in the industry. 

Abbot Kinney, Bixby Knolls & LA Pride with ATLS Los Angeles Limousine


If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, you’re in for a treat! Join the fun at Abbot Kinney First Friday! Local merchants, artists and musicians come together for a day filled of art, music and culture. Walk through Venice Beach and check out local gifts and products while you support local artists from surrounding beach cities. Venice Beach is known as the funky and innovative beach community along the coast of California. What better place to be than right near the water with great food and drink to choose from.

ATLS Los Angeles limousine service is here to take you on all your Abbot Kinney adventures if you’re traveling from LAX this week. We provide a clean and courteous service with prompt drivers ready to arrive wherever you are. You can even pre-pay online and book your reservation ahead of time. Best part about Abbot Kinney is that it’s completely free! No admission needed, just bring your friends and enjoy the beautiful beach cities of California. ATLS Los Angeles limousine will take you wherever you need to go this weekend!


Head on over to Long Beach and check out more than three dozen venues and restaurants featuring visual artists who will create on the spot. This is a free admission artist viewing party on the beach! Enjoy the perfect weather and delicious food as you visit musicians and artists from Long Beach’s Bixby Knolls district. ATLS Los Angeles limousine has you covered from the initial meet and greet at LAX to your drop off at your hotel or rented condo. When you need a professional and reliable Los Angeles limousine service, ATLS Worldwide is by your side.

laprideThis weekend LA Pride is taking over Los Angeles! Don’t miss one of the biggest celebrations of freedom and choice in the nation. Get on over to West Hollywood Park and join the TLGB community with live entertainment on multiple stages, headline performances by Betty Who, Mary Lambert, Z LALA, Ryan Cassata and many more! Dance the night away at brand new venues and visit a myriad of exhibits, food/drink and vendors at the festival. Check out ticket prices, locations and times here and choose ATLS Los Angeles limousine service to get around! We provide a full service meet and greet with refreshments included and pre-pay options when you book online. Book your entire group of friends and arrive to West Hollywood Park in style this weekend at LA Pride!

Final Week of May! Celebrate Los Angeles in Style With ATLS


At the end of the month, Los Angeles is teeming with events to attend, concerts to hear and museums to visit. There’s no better time to be in LA! The weather is impeccable, and the city is full of energy as the summer months set in. If you’re traveling from LAX and require airport limo transportation, think of ATLS. Our drivers are on time, courteous and professional with a great knowledge of Los Angeles roadways to get you where you need to go. We take care of our customers to turn them into longtime clients. In keeping working relationships with a number of clients, ATLS is among the most recommended airport limo transportation company in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re traveling to or from LAX, we’ve got you covered. There are a variety of events going on this last week of May, and ATLS will take you wherever you need to go! Book online and pre-pay for your reservation with a large party and book ATLS for the entire day or night. We will take you wherever you need to go in the greater Los Angeles area and any Southern California airport.

Catch all the latest news on Los Angeles events, exhibits and concerts here! Saturday Nights at the Getty is worth a visit if you haven’t already experienced the breathtaking views of Los Angeles at night. The Getty is known for its collection of art, and beautiful building with modern architectural elements. Until May 31st, Saturday nights feature a performance series of multifaceted line-up of music, dance, theater and spoken word acts. Catch American violinist and singer Petra Haden along side trio Armenian Public Radio perform among many others! Book with ATLS for your trip to The Getty and save when you book online! Los Angeles is one of the best places to eat on the west coast, as famed celebrities and chefs make their mark in the heart of downtown LA. lists your favorites and theirs with some recommendations on the side! You can visit all of these restaurants and ride in style with ATLS LAX car service. According to the public, République is a happening spot to visit, located in Hancock Park, “République, which opened in November of last year and is headed by Walter and Margarita Manzke, is a refreshing addition to LA’s French bistro scene.” Looking for more cocktail than pastry? Visit No Vacancy, “…another uniquely-LA affair involving craft cocktails, performances, (burlesque acts, tightrope walkers) and live music.” Designed to transport visitors to old Hollywood you’ll experience impeccable mixology at the bar with a collection of classic drinks to complete the old Hollywood experience.

Lots of our customers are on the go, and we have the perfect place for you to drop by before we pick you up.  Visit Eggslut located downtown. It’s the best place to grab a cheap bite to eat on the go. Made with only organic egg in true Los Angeles fashion, the menu is short and sweet but focused on breakfast and lunch items made with quality ingredients for a perfectly cooked breakfast sandwich on your way to your next destination. ATLS airport limo will take you wherever you may need to go this last week in May! We provide a smooth ride; a refreshment and prompt pick up and drop off, every time. We travel to and from LAX and other Southern California airports for comfortable, modern and timely limousine rides.

Memorial Day Weekend ATLS Limo Service Transportation!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! ATLS limousine service has you covered all weekend long. There are a ton of events going on in the Los Angeles area, and you don’t want to be stuck in traffic! Contact ATLS limousine service for premier LAX transportation! Our drivers utilize live GPS to avoid high-traffic areas, and remain knowledgeable of the Los Angeles roadways. We stay up to date on construction dates, detours and various events to get you to your destination on time.

Monday, May 25th is “The Main Street MDM Block Party” Don’t miss the most amazing party at the start of summer at Santa Monica’s best venues!  There are four amazing locations combined into one giant party! This includes 31Ten, Circle Bar, Main on Man and O’Briens, featuring drink and food specials, live Dj’s and much more. ATLS LAX transportation will pick you up from your home or the airport and take you wherever you want to go! Our drivers stay in constant contact with clients to ensure we arrive at your location promptly for efficient transportation. 


Thinking you want to ride in style to the most talked about pre-summer festival of the year? Yes, Lighting in a Bottle’s final day takes place on Memorial Day this year! A perfect place to listen to amazing music and experience community; located at the San Antonio Reservoir Recreation Center in Bradley ATLS will provide premier transportation to the event for you and your fellow festival attendees. Tickets are sold out, but ride reservations are not! Pre-pay online and receive a discount featured on web only!


For those of you who love parades, the Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade takes place on Monday, May 25th and Sherman Way and Owensmouth. This is by far the best way to salute veterans and soldiers who have given their lives to protecting our freedom. Bring your entire family, and ride in style with ATLS! We’ll arrive at the LAX airport or your location of choice and provide refreshments, a comfortable vehicle of your choice and prompt arrival time, as always. ATLS provides the easiest and most convenient way to get around Los Angeles this weekend!

Count on ATLS for all of your LAX transportation needs this weekend and book online for a discounted rate and much more!